Monday, 16 July 2007

Drawing conclusions. (modified)

The above photo is of Dr Haneef, maybe a terrorist, maybe an innocent bystander. I can't tell but I have written more on my view of the politics of it all here if you are interested.

This post is not about the politics of Dr Haneef's detention but more looking at the psychology of manipulation that goes with the media.

The above photo is pretty well the only one available of the doctor and news services are reduced to courtroom sketches for variety.

The Age, a relatively liberal newspaper, draws him so:

He looks fairly innocuous; almost suburban and relaxed.

The Australian, one of Rupert's attack papers and one who views Genghis Khan as a socialist, goes for the caricature:

Mouth off-set, eyes dark, sunken and squint. A mean piece of work.

Subtle manipulation of public fears.

Of course we are not allowed to see recent photos or, worse, for the doctor to be seen in public.

You wouldn't want him to be seen as human, would you?

Some further representations. This one from the ABC:

And this one from The Times of India.



  1. I'm with you on this one, lee... I'm sick of the not-so-subtle propaganda that masquerades as journalism.

  2. It's always a double edge sword. They say to children "daily read the papers and learn" and then we constantly hear about how journalists write just what they want and like you showed in your blog, they also print just what they want and what they want to portray.
    Do they think if they spread fear we will buy more papers to read what, where and when?

  3. Another point scored for the radio.

  4. spin doctors
    and photoshop
    make a mockery
    of the full spectrum
    of life.

    too busy to search
    for the truth
    we fall in line,
    like lambs
    to the slaughter.

    the power of the media
    is frightening
    and real.

    great post lee!
    big hugs,

  5. Like in our country, newspapers can't use the freedom of expression..everything printed is monitored and edited by the authorities to send out only selected and permitted message. So, we can hardly see a nice face like the one shown by the Indian daily.


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