Sunday, 15 July 2007

Man overboard.

I was doing some tidying up today and found the above badge - it dates from a conference I went to in New Zealand in 2004.

One Team, One Vision.

Not so; I jumped overboard about nine months later because there were serious divergences between their values and my values. (Historical background: I was one of three partners who owned a laboratory in Melbourne and who sold our company to a NZ company and then stayed on as managers. I jumped, one was pushed and one remains.)

Cognitive dissonance is the psychologist's phrase for it. I believed in treating clients one way, the company believed in treating clients a different way. Mental conflict. It can only be resolved by either adopting the company's philosophy or by bidding them adieu.

I bid them adieu. Two years ago today.

It has gone incredibly quickly and remarkably slowly. Quickly because it seems that I have reached here in no time at all, slowly because when I look at everything that I have done it seems like ages since I left the company.

Two years ago we went out and had some nice steak to celebrate.

Tonight I am cooking some nice steak to celebrate. And having a good red.


  1. A good reason to celebrate! I had moved before for the same reason like you too..irreconciable (excuse the spelling please!) differences!

  2. Congratulations on following your heart- or was it your head?. You deserve a good steak & a good red!

  3. Has the ship crashed since you left?

  4. Good for you, Lee! One can't go against one's principles...there is absolutely no point in trying to do so.

    That steak and wine sounds like a great way to celebrate one's principles and standing by them! :)

  5. its good to be old(?), more experience, more memorable memory, more knowledge and more problems..maybe. I wonder what i do when i am on your age.Still teaching..maybe.

  6. Obviously, a wise virgin.

    You took a lifejacket, I presume?

  7. good for you! i too jumped off into the unknown and here i am 3 years later doing the real estate thing. still doesn't feel like work though...


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