Thursday, 14 June 2007


Lady Di Tn, commenting to the last post, said she regretted looking at some of my other blogs. My apologies. I have now tried to make it clearer that there are dangerous rooms in the Curate's house where, if you wander far from the front drawing room where we genteelly drink tea and nibble madeleines, you may wish you hadn't.

A new room that I have put up there today is 'The trip of a lifetime". A bit of a double act. I originally put the shell of the blog together late last year, expecting it to be a bit of a psychological, philosophical journey. After the style of Gibran's The Prophet and structured around a poem I love, Flecker's The Golden Journey to Samarkand. But nothing happened as I wanted to 'get it right' and got stuck on how to do that.

Now, I am talking of going to Samarkand myself. How things change.

The blog will become a bit of a blend of the two ideas: the internal and external journey of life.

And it will be safe to visit.



  1. Gibran and Flecker, eh? I'll bet we have a lot of similar books on our respective shelves, Lee.

  2. I'm not sure if anything or anybody is safe around you, Lee! ;)

    When I married for the second time, a n excerpt from "The Prophet" was read. Not sure if it was prophetic or not...I have since divorced! ;)

  3. A shame to think you remodelled- I enjoyed your various rooms.
    But perhaps change is for the good.

  4. The rooms are all still there, I've just put better warning signs on the doorways!

  5. I like the sound of your Golden Journey, Lee, and look forward to the first step, however small. But how ambitious you are, building on so many rooms to your house. Not trying to rival God, I hope? I have difficulty keeping two going.

  6. what kismet! i just ordered the prophet online...i don't know fletcher but have an affinity for anyone using the word samarkand - i'll hunt it down and see what you're up to! ;)


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