Monday, 25 June 2007

Not quite glow-mesh but close.

Yesterday (Sunday) was Martin's 25th birthday. The previous night he and some mates had a party to celebrate the occasion and he had wanted a 'mirror suit' to wear for the night. Above is the result of Margaret and him spending a fair slab of Friday afternoon with sewing machine and mouths full of pins. A little cursing and swearing on occasion, too. (Although Margaret's idea of a fully fledged expletive is "Auchtermuchty!").

Some have argued that it was the nicest birthday suit since the original one.

The actual birthday was thrown into some disarray by Martin's girlfriend, Roni, landing in hospital in intensive care with a urinary tract infection of some sort. She's on the mend, happily, although still in intensive care.

After some will-we wont-we discussions we pressed on with the family dinner. I chose an Indian theme, partly because we hadn't eaten Indian for a while, partly because I had spent my 25th birthday at Agra, in India, admiring the Taj Mahal.

Pappadums as pre-meal nibblies,
Spicey prawns with a walnut chutney as starter,
Lamb & eggplant curry with tomato salad and basmati rice for main,
Cumquat & cardamon syrup cake with yoghurt for dessert.


  1. I have never been keen on Indian food (Chinese is another matter!)but I must confess that your menu sounds rather inviting.

  2. Happy Birthday to Martin. The mirror suit is splendid! My eldest, who just turned 40 this month, chose sky-diving to celebrate - I would have been more comfortable with a mirror suit but he called, breathless on landing, and I couldn't help sharing his delight.

  3. I hope he don't mind but my first thought was that it was Ian Thorpe, must be the beard doing it to my mind.
    Love the suit, Margaret is very talented!
    Now... that dinner, did you cook it all? It sound so nice but complicated.
    Happy Birthday Martin and wishing him many many years to come ... and speedy recovery to Roni!

  4. Yes, I cooked it all. It is not complicated. Really. Pappadums are easy and very theatrical. The dessert is just a modification of the 'Fool-proof Lemon Cake' which, by the way, failed miserably the first few times I made it. How do you think that made me feel? Cooking is just chemistry with style. Plus I get to share the results. If there is a tricky bit it is balancing the meal with flavours, textures and 'heaviness'.

  5. Aha! a mirror suit! What could be better to celebrate a birthday. Happy Birthday Handsome Martin!
    And speedy recovery to Roni.
    And your menu sounds divine, apart from the lamb. I could pick the pieces out I guess... or not have that dish.

  6. I love it "chemistry with style"
    I ate a carrot dessert once with Indian friends and it was an interesting dish!

  7. Love the suit! Now I know what the previous post was all about!

    Also love good Indian food too...that all sounds delicious...did you send me up a doggie bag, Lee?

  8. you kennedy's are a most creative and expressive bunch. what a fun life you create. how lucky are those who are in your circle of friends. i hope that roni feels better soon and that martin had a happy birthday despite the hospital complications. cheers to you and your family!

  9. Sounds like great food, God i'm hungry...

  10. Did he take his mirror balls with him?

  11. I could eat all that (the meal, not Martin, though he looks very nice!), and it's only just gone 7 in the morning...curry for breakfast, those were the days...
    The suit looks a bit scratchy!

  12. Oh I love Indian food! I didn't know you can cook them another talent unveiled..I always know you're a good cook..but Indian food..hmm..that's something. Happy Birthday to Martin boy...what a splendid way to celebrate! His beard reminds me of yours in the photo with your mum which you posted before. He has combination of you and Margaret's looks.

  13. margaret is a super cool mom! martin is lucky (as are you) to have such a willing festivities helper! the suit's quite stylish by the way! ;) wish Martin much b'day joy from the US...oh and send some indian food will ya? there's not any good restaurants here in the backwater.


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