Thursday, 28 June 2007

Just Jeans

It's probably part of my culture but I have pretty well always worn, and enjoyed wearing, jeans.

I set off today to buy a new pair as my 'normal' ones had become fairy grubby from house and garden work.

I am not a complicated sort of person. At least, not when it comes to jeans.

In a basic sort of colour:

Being a loyal, return shopper, my first point of call was here, my 'normal' store:

The shop assistant says "504, 38,, we don't carry 34 legs anymore."

"Oh" says I, "That's a pity, 34 legs carry me."

"If you try Just Jeans they MIGHT match our price." $99.95.

So I went to Just Jeans:

The same jeans were priced at $99.00. I didn't ask them to match the price.

Having found the jeans, I bought two pair. As one does.

"Do I want to join the Just Jeans Club" asked the girl behind the counter. She ran off various benefits but the one that most struck home was that I was just two points away from a $10 gift voucher. OK, it would cost me $5 to join but they at least they stocked jeans that fit me.

"OK, why not?" say I and the girl put the transaction through on my credit card.

The machine spat out the normal docket and then a second docket. The girl's face went into shock and then she started jumping up and down. Apparently I had just won a free pair of Levi Jeans!

The manager was called, smiles all round, and I left with my free jeans voucher.

Margaret has already laid claim to that.

As I left, I looked back into the store. The manager and the shop girl were holding hands and dancing a jig. I guess there must have been a store prize too.


  1. Lee Jeans are the best! ;)

  2. perhaps the manager and the girl were in love anyway?

  3. Glad to see your are a "regular, straight" kinda guy, Lee.
    I like Lucy's comment.

  4. I'm not exactly sure what the price was for the two pair....
    would that have been 99.00 for each? or for both pair?

    And, if that was the price...
    good golly, they should have given you four pairs of "free" jeans!

    Me? A solid 38/34, and around here, if there aren't any 34s, there won't be a whole lot of business. Get 'em for about $20 or, when on sale, $10.

    On the other hand, I can't always find painters jeans in my size...
    and I really miss the extra pockets and the lil handle on the side.

  5. Back in high school I knew a girl who carried a fork in her purse. She wore her jeans far too tight to be able to zip them up without some assistance, and a fork tine fit perfectly in that little hole in the zipper. Congratulations on the free jeans, I love denim, but it's more in the way of jackets and overalls myself. I love overalls, and I'm with boneman on the pockets and the little handle, though I do occasionally get caught on things. Or by them.

  6. I'm not much of a jeans person, could never find the perfect pair, it's weird because like you many people swear by them. Yay, for the free pair how cool!!

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  8. congratulations!!..Come to think ov' it..I need a new pair of jeans as week..

  9. Laughing! & loving the fact that Margeret gets a pair.
    It is now a complicated business, buyng a pair of jeans! Never underestimate the joy of a sale!!

  10. I am a very, very jeans person. I love to wear it and seeing men wear it too. I think it's sexy!

  11. Go Margaret...Your stories always make me smile!!
    The first thing I ever won was a pair of glittery black legwarmers at a rollerskating rink.

  12. {open whinge} - So you could find 504s in your size? I can't even get the things in the US - {close whinge}

  13. Jeans are a must have in the USA well, Levi Strauss did create them during the great California Gold Rush, but it can be a pain in the proverbial buttocks to get the right fit. I thought this was only a female headache but thanks to you mate I know men go through some jean nightmares as well! Enjoy your Lee jeans! Namaste. The lean mean yoga machine - Yoga Gal

  14. Am I missing something, $99 for ONE pair of Levi's???? Walmart here carries Levi's for 15-30 bucks. Maybe they stitch them with gold thread for their Australian market.... ;-)

  15. 'Fraid so. No, you are not missing anything, other than a scary price mark up on some things, not all, out here.

  16. Yahoo! I am glad you won!

    My brothers love LEE jeans, have youever tried those?

  17. Well heck, lee, I wonder how much shipping would cost to mail them from here to you.... :-)

  18. $100 for jeans! wow, maybe i should shop for you, they're probably about $29.99 over here.

  19. Congratulations on winning Levi jeans - I work for Just Jeans and was randomly googling Just Jeans and found your blog...

    With this competition there was a store prize if a pair was won in store, and I believe it may have been a Just Jeans gift card for the staff member. Plus plenty of praise and pats-on-the-back!

    The reason they give us these incentives is to encourage our passion for working with the company... and we are focusing now on redeveloping Just Jeans as a whole, as the number one Denim Destination within the country.

    I absolutely love working for Just Jeans, all areas of it - some may think: "it is just a retail job, get the perk of discounts etc... but nothing more than that." - but to me it is so much more, and to see happy customers like yourself, win great prizes and feel good about themselves in their new pair of denim jeans, is the biggest thrill in the world.

    Believe it or not, I do it for the customers. Not the perks, nor the fashion. Bring on the smiles, I say!!!


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