Tuesday, 5 June 2007

No sense crying over spilled Merlot.

Well, cabernet merlot really, but sometimes one must go with the metre.

Last night we went to a dinner put on by the catering class at the college Margaret attends. It was a three course, linen napkin affair. And I have never seen so many waiters in a real restaurant. Admittedly these ones were VERY nervous.

The meal got off to an awkward start when the wine waiter was putting my glass of wine on the table and managed to lose the remaining glass off the tray. Mostly down my right-hand side. Of course, it was a red wine and, for extra effect, the glass bounced off my shoulder and broke on the floor. The waiter was horrified, the supervisor was horrified, the people around the table looked at me... What can you do? The guy was mortified enough. Tried to reassure him that I ahd always wanted a pink shirt but he seemed unconvinced. The supervisor assured me the school would dry clean my shirt and jacket and the meal continued.

It wasn't a great meal.

But it was definitely memorable.


  1. Well, at least it wasn't Pinot Noir.

  2. Lee

    Poor man. Have been in that situation myself (the waiters not yours)not nice. Still, as you say, memorable


  3. I cringed as I read. Poor young man.
    Of course, there is some sympathy in having to go about pie-bald, as it were.

  4. The proverbial happens...and will again. My heart goes out to the young fellow...he must have felt (and probably still does) awful.

    I'm sorry you had to be the recipient of his mishap and embarrassing moment, Lee...but probably better you than some cranky old fart! ;)

  5. Bet you smelled lovely for the rest of the evening too!
    I like that photo. Also yours below of the plastics, very appealing.
    Thanks for visits to mine, I'll link if I may.

  6. He's so lucky it's you there!

  7. Well done you for not throwing a wobbly of titanic proportions. Thats what most customers would do. Mistakes happen. I've done it a few times over my 18 year career. Let me tell you, you just want the earth to swallow you up. Bravo to you anyway...

  8. You showed a lot of class, despite the waiters' humiliation I'm sure he was very very grateful to you.

  9. nice of you to make light of it!

  10. I really feel for that poor bloody waiter! Good job he had a philosopher for a customer!

  11. I loved how you try to put him at ease by saying you always wanted a pink shirt. Well handled Lee!


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