Friday, 15 June 2007

Consuming art.

Tho photo montage above is 5 ft by 12 ft in reality and represents the number of plastic bottles discarded in the US every five minutes. Detail photo below. It is not meant to be a criticism of the US; per capita we are all contributing the same sort of waste. The exception being the photo depicting annual handgun deaths, of course. The photos come from Chris Jordan's site.

It is something of an eye-opener.



  1. Went to investigate the site. Puts ordinary things into a radically different perspective.

  2. Of course as soon as I saw the picture and felt the wave of disgust at how much waste we create as a society, I immediately started sorting the bottle by label colour and planning how they could be arranged in intricate spiralling patterns and photographed from the various perspectives. One day, the earth will announce it's had quite enough of us cluttering up the place and spit us back into the primordial chaos (loved that joke, by the way) from whence we came.

  3. Well as my Mom always says......there are just to many people in the world. But very few of us want to volunteer to get off the planet. I am all for recycling, but aside from that, what would he suggest? I don't want to walk to California, so I will be contributing to the jet trails this month....and as to vicodin.........all I say is THANK GOD it was is a life saver for those of us who live with cronic pain. I will give up the toothpicks......and use floss.....oh shoot......what will I do with my used floss? Maybe I can weave it and make placemats?

  4. abhor litter and those who litter. No amount of "public awareness" promotions etc., will ever get through the thick heads of those who litter. They are a disgrace to society. Don't get me started! Or at least stop me now before I drag out the largest soapbox and climb up on it!

  5. You said ANNUAL hand gun deaths?

  6. it seems a wave of revulsion is convulsing the restaurants here in SF. After pushing bottled water for the additional profit, they are back to offering tap water.

    I was startled to find that a couple of friends, never before seen w/o plastic bottle of water in hand, have begun carrying stainless steel bottles, and filling them themselves. Startled especially since I turned away from bottles last year and felt conspicuously alone in refusing to contribute further to the problem.

    Perhaps it is the beginnings of a healthy trend... plastic bags are being out-lawed in SF as well. Compostable "plastic" (made, I believe, from corn husks) and paper are all that will be permitted at the stores soon.


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