Sunday, 29 April 2007

A gentle touch...

I want to play with your mind for a minute.

Do you mind? I have warm hands...

Think of the last time you went out to a restaurant for a nice dinner. Go there in your mind, recall all the details, the smells, the noise, the emotion.

The lighting was dim and the walls a dark crimson colour, weren’t they?

If yes, I do free tarot readings every other Sunday.
Well, not free exactly. I expect a coffee.

If no, imagine the same dinner but WITH red walls and dim lighting. Can you do that? Can you change the decor of that dinner? To a rich red colour? Like using one of those online colour scheme programs that let you ‘repaint’ your house, paint the walls red. (Those who said yes, you try it with a deep bottle green.)

Now, think of something else totally different. Say, a polar bear.

Nice bear.

Now, go back to your dinner memory. Are the walls red now? It wont be so for everyone but for some it will. And if I was to ask you about that dinner in a weeks time you may also find that the red walls are part of the memory.

Memories are not as hard and fast as we believe.

A final thing about that dinner: Could you see yourself sitting at the table? Was your perspective that of someone looking at you and your partner enjoying a lovely meal in this red and dimly lit restaurant? Perhaps from slightly above? Often from above the right shoulder.

For many people that is the case. They can see themselves in the picture.

And yet at the time, when it happened, you only really saw your partner and your arms.

So is it a memory at all?


  1. Wow Lee, very deep and very true!!! It was above the right shoulder

  2. Yes, how very interesting. The right shoulder, also, from behind...but initially, beside.
    Am I out of step?

  3. I tried for the red walls but couldn't picture them. But I ended up with a red bear. What does that mean?

  4. We were sitting on opposite sides of the table , But I ' saw' this from behind my left shoulder possibly because I am lefthanded --- The bear was smiling

  5. When I went back to the restaurant ... away from the bear .. my walls was light blue!
    Great post, I always enjoy interesting stuff.

  6. I was dancing on the table, at the last dinner party.

    The walls were red.

    Then you went and brought that polar bear into the picture.
    And the room turned white.

    And no longer could hear the music.

    Please take the polar bear back!

  7. Loved this Lee. The writing made me lol.

    I now have a pic of a White bear, sitting on a shelf above my right shoulder, gazing down on me and my partner, who is coloured red.


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