Monday, 2 April 2007

Cuckoo, in more ways than one.

A bungling armed robber shot his female accomplice as they held up a restaurant in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne overnight.

The couple waited until after the last customers had left the Cuckoo restaurant, in Olinda, before confronting a staff member by his car in the restaurant's car park .

The pair demanded the staff member hand over a black plastic bag, which it is thought they believed contained the restaurant's takings.

However, the bag actually held left-over bread rolls, which the staff member was planning to feed to his chickens.

It's believed the woman was then accidentally shot in the stomach by her partner, who fled the scene.

The injured woman took herself to the William Angliss Hospital before being transferred to The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne with serious injuries.

A 37-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested shortly after 5am and was being questioned by detectives, Victoria Police spokesman Senior Constable David Fitzgerald said.

None of the restaurant staff were hurt during the incident.

- The Age.



  1. So when the robber says, "give me the bread," he needs to be a bit more specific or he might end up with dinner rolls....haha

    They have a bloopper film here in the states of robberies gone a- muck, due to the ignorance and stupidity of the robbers....aside from the fact they are, real robberies, they are pretty funny.

  2. I hear he shot her in the butt! Poetic justice I say! What a coward he was, though, he ran out on her, leaving her to "face the music'!

    A case of picking your friends, I guess!

  3. LOL, that will teach them a daily bread lesson!

  4. Cowardice comes with the profession. There are many incidences where robbers/thieves/joy riders have left their family or accomplices behind at the scene, sometimes mortally wounded, sometimes trapped in burning cars or some other kind of peril. It makes me ill to think of a human being treating another like that! Still, they are criminals.. What more should we expect?


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