Friday, 27 April 2007


Ugh! Too much work. Better do something else. Have posted stuff ('stuff'!) on all my blogs rather than...well, it doesn't matter. Just I felt the need to divert.


  1. I think I'll read and comment on your post tomorrow, Lee.

  2. lol! Oh the joys on my laundry and work pile up around me.
    I am glad you surf the net...but hey you accomplished a degree and graduated!! So actually you are just teasing us, wannabe-doers, with this post aren't you?!

  3. I am a big time procrastinator!

  4. ha! exactly what I'm doing now instead of taking care of much needed paperwork!

    don't despair...with great work comes the deserving break - you're all degreed now so have an adult beverage!

    and then get back to work!

  5. reading your blog is just me avoiding
    1) grocery shopping
    2) putting clean sheets on my son's bed
    3) folding laundry
    4) washing windows
    5) figuring out what's for dinner


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