Sunday, 15 April 2007

Rested and relaxed

It is mid-semester break here. So I had a slightly delayed birthday present.

We went and stayed at a place called Hepburn Springs; as the name suggests it is a mineral spring area of Victoria. Using a small cottage (Bliss Botanica Cottage, no less) as a base we had a relaxing time, had probably too much lovely food, and (the purpose of the trip) had a massage at Pepper's Retreat.

I must confess a slight misrepresentation: the above photo is at Pepper's but we didn't make use fo the spas. I just couldn't find a suitable photo of the massage rooms.

We had a 90min massage and facial. I could have done with a little less facial and a little more massage but it was lovely, none the less. And I say we because, even though it was for my birthday, Margaret seemed to manage to get a twin package. Sneaky, eh?

So rejuvinated, it is back to study.

But first a little blogging - some long overdue reading and writing.


  1. I like the way Margaret thinks! =]

    Happy belated BD!

  2. Clever woman, your Margaret.

  3. Well, Happy Birthday, young fella!

    And, as an added birthday treat, I've posted a recipe for HOT CROSS BUNS (originally from Father Dominic's Bread Book) on m'site.

    'Course, it might be hard coming up with an equal to Magaret's set up fer ya, but, what the heck....I'm always up fer a challenge.

  4. ahha, a birthday present you could share......very sneaky indeed. haha Sounds lovely......

  5. happy belated birthday lee! your margaret gives great presents.

  6. Sounds absolute bliss, Lee! :)


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