Thursday, 5 April 2007

Sacred blue!

Some years ago I used to harrass Nigerian conmen. It seemed a fair sort of hobby, hard to explain at times, but stimulating intellectually and artistically. (Some of you may recall my passports post.).

In the course of this I met up with expatriate Australian, Allan Sanders. Met up with in the internet sense as, sadly, we have not met face to face to do some serious damage to a bottle of wine. Yet. We were both teasing the scammers and eventually collaborated on a joint correspondence with the same person, playing off against each other. The letters are here.

Allan lives on the seaside, in France, and runs a bed a breakfast.

He sent me the link to the B&B site; it just looks so French!

I suppose there is a reason for that.


  1. I could sure use a getaway right now.

  2. Wow.. I love the French look. Any plans to go and dear Margaret?
    PS: Happy belated birthday young man!

  3. Young man! Oh, you darling!

    I would love to go but am somewhat bound by university timetables at the moment. I suspect it may be a wee bit cold during the Australian summer break.

  4. Looks divine. Will have to take Mrs Knowley on eurostar and pop across

  5. I read the letters - the "corck and bill stories" had me rolling. Remind me never ever to get into a legal tangle with you!

  6. Happy Birthday and Easter to you, Lee. :)

    I can just imagine you having fun with the Nigerians! ;)

  7. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the publicity. The 1st bottle of red is on me. Lunch today was washed down with a bottle of Yarra Valley Tin Cows pinot noir (it helps to have friends at the Oz embassy in Paris).

    And thanks to all your fans for the kind comments. Regular Curate's Egg blog readers will be pleased to know that Algernon Sidney Montagu will be visiting when Her majesty next recalls him from the colonies for yet another misdemeanour.


    Allan Sanders

  8. This sounds to be a bit more fun than the phone-land-mines I've created for telemarketers....

    A recording in the background of several dogs barking...."excuse me a moment, please"...and then several gunshots followed by the whining crying of hurt animals and finally quiet... "there, now it's more quiet here, please go on with what you were saying..."

    'Course I have a simpler recording, a busy marketplace, and while most telemarketers try to leave, I feign great interest in their product and keep them as long as possible.

    I know they're just "doing their job" but, then, so am I and it's hard enough for me to keep focused on what I'm doing let alone listen to some jerk try to sell me windows, mortgages, siding, magazines, whatever.


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