Friday, 6 April 2007

At long last!

By my reckoning it is 101 days since Hot Cross Buns came into the shops in Melbourne.

I had three today, having patiently waited until the 'right' time.

"Right time?" (I hear you ask) "But you are an atheist!"

Yes, but I am also someone who likes nice food and likes tradition. So I like to eat hot cross buns at the right time. The same way I prefer to wait until Christmas for the local strawberries to ripen rather that forking out for the insipid hydroponic glasshouse variety that seem to be one of life's more expensive ways to buy water, even if they are available all year round.

Will it be 365 days until my next hot cross bun?

No, probably not; you see there are a few that have not been eated and they may, may, still be around in the morning. Left overs are fair game. (But freezing them is cheating.)

Next comes Sunday and the chocolate eggs...


  1. =]

    It seems that it is I who should be explaining why I havent been around more! lmao.. I missed tons of your posts! Sorry!

    Have a great Weekend! I love long weekends! That, and the discount on chocolate after Monday! *wink

  2. I, too, refused to by hot cross buns until their due date! I think they appeared up here a couple of weeks after silly! I'm a bit of stickler when it comes to traditions...I've created a lot of my own traditions, as well! ;) Have a good Easter weekend, Lee.

  3. uh....the same cookbook with the possum recipes also has a recipe for hot cross buns.
    Heck, you'de think a professor would take the time to enjoy some cooking on occassion. They have everything written down so nice and neat in the right order to do them....

    You'll eatr like a KING! AND, having fed your woman with fine delicacies, no doubt you'll find warmth and "other things" there, also.

    Huh? What say?

  4. I am breaking tradition and making a turkey........I can hear my ancestors groan.........

    Never had a hot crossed bun....wasn't sure they were for real, or only in children's poetry.

  5. Thanks Boneman. I have made hot cross buns but yeast cooking is fraught with failures and subsequent production of small lumps best suited to paving cobbled laneways in country villages. Best spend the time with my woman and 'buy in'.

  6. ok I smell a post... what are the traditions you have created for your family or otherwise?

  7. I guess one nice thing about this world is that so far no one has invented hydroponic hot cross buns. :)

  8. Lee

    Speaking after the event, I can say in all honesty that I have had my fill of hot cross buns until they re-appear in the shops at Christmas!!

  9. Reminds me of those Ishihara tests for colour blindness.

  10. Hot cross buns, melted butter and a hot cup of tea...are full of grace.

    Chocolate is heavenly.

  11. well i've never had a hot cross bun but you make them sound tasty - are they cinnamon-y sweet or bread-y? us yanks have no clue what you're tasting over there! i suddenly feel the need for a snack...


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