Wednesday, 14 February 2007

St Valentine

St Valentine, patron saint of over priced roses.


  1. I have friends in Australia but it's so far! I would like to write english better. Saluti dall'Italia

    I met you through Judith.

  2. a rose for a true love is never overpriced ... best wishes to you on valentines day, Lee.

  3. Happy Valentines Day, Lee :)
    No roses at my house...I don't like the serious spending aspect of the holiday...
    The card in the front seat of my car, and my favorite song qued up in the car cd player- that was as lovely a gesture as I could have asked for :)

    Sometimes that man I married acts like he knows me :) really!
    It's lovely when he does~

  4. Liliana: Welcome. Your English is so much better than my Italian!

    Michaela: Roses should be given when the urge takes you, not because it is a flat spot in the marketing calendar! But roses are nice.

    Mayden: He sounds a nice man. Keep him.

  5. ever the cynic! well, you are good at inducing laughter!

  6. I played myself my favourite music yesterday and treated myself kindly by sharing a bottle of champers with my neighbours. :) So I had a nice Valentine's Day...minus any roses, though I did pick some protea blooms and white daisies.

  7. A rose is a rose is a rose....
    A feast of love is often costly.

  8. Roses? Bah humbug! Give me Sunflowers any day.

  9. Funny! Oh, I wish I had visited the day you posted this. Better late than never.


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