Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Imagine that!

I moved this post across to The Odd Angry Squark blog, to keep the Curate's Egg less contentious; religion and politics free, as far as possible.


  1. and what would the masses do then?

    Imagine the world without fear based greed. What would take its place?

  2. Does it need a replacement?

  3. Does this assume that we would be living in a society, or be civilised at all? Would we be the same beings if we didn't have any beliefs? Would we be living together with other humans if we didn't have the same morals, the same drive to be "good" in the eyes of the deity.

    Going out on a limb, I would argue that without religion, the twin towers wouldn't have been built in the first place! There would be a much lower global population, with tribalism rife, and violent clashes between tribes a way of life. Of course, with all that fighting, we probably wouldn't have time to develop industry, so no massive steel structures.

    Oh, and the global environment would be a lot better off!

  4. I am sure we would find other reasons to hate one another.

  5. Make one thing disappear and you make room for something else to show up...

  6. Gargoyle:

    I've answered you on the other blog.


  7. Although I absolutely love the idea of an odd angry squark, I'm not certain whether it's a typographical error or a pun I've just not gotten. Please advise.

  8. Sorry, Shara, typo. Squawk!


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