Monday, 5 February 2007

A Pinch of Salt

I get a lot of people forwarding stuff to me.

The above photo came with a bit of a rant about the supposedly stupidity of Americans; the woman allegedly chose the elephant as being larger than the moon.

How dumb, eh?

But I was suspicious. The story a little too cute and the printing a little too sharp. I have learnt not to take what you see as 100% true. (Especially as I used to make false passports with Photoshop. But that is another story.)

So I turned to my on-line saviour in these matters, Snopes.

It would seem that the true picture was:

Photoshop mischief.

You can read the full story here.


  1. Forget windpipes and elephants, Lee, I want to know more about the passport forgeries!

  2. Well, elephants do have a long windpipe and have been known to moon people!

  3. Interesting..there's a lot of expoloitation done on the cyberworld.

  4. The stupidity of American's, wow that is a bit of a generalization. We are as diverse, no MORE diverse than any other country in this world. And many of our ancestors started off British. haha

  5. It wasn't even from a US TV show; it was a UK contestant.


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