Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Be a Freud, be very a Freud.

In a fit of volunteer enthusiasm (volunteeriasm?) I went and helped man the Psychology Society's information table on Monday at University.

This is O-Week, Orientation Week, at University and the place is full of wide-eyed, fresh faced young things all agog at the new adventure before them, wandering around the place clutching free sausages or, for the few lucky quick ones, Krispy Kream doughnuts. Like sheep they shimmied around, some in little mini-flocks, some on their own. All looking nervous and apprehensive.

The novelty will wear off pretty quickly, I suspect.

Didn't sign up many people to the society, it lacks the attractions of DUFF, the beer drinkers club. Don't know why. But it was a fun day.



  1. LOL @ Freud! Classic! Our O-week was last week, I think this week every one is buying books, parking stickers and paying Guild fees :) We start next week, I feel a bit scared again, it feel so daunting again and the feeling of 'will I make it', 'will I succeed' is there, doing 3 units this semester, one of them online!

  2. be very a freud!!! hahahahahahaha! i may have to look into doing some volunteer work at a university soon. sounds like a good opportunity for people-watching.

  3. As snowsparkle says...people-watching is fun...for a while. :)


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