Monday, 12 February 2007

Dust and Roos.

Just back from visiting a friend, a farmer, in central Victoria.

The clouds had little to offer the country; the haze is dust, once top-soil, raised into the air by strong winds. The photo was taken when I was out with him delivering a tanker full of water to a farm.

Meanwhile, back at his farm, they are caring for two joeys, baby kangaroos. Sadly the mothers seem to have succombed to a particularly virulent form of lead poisoning.



  1. to say "you lead an intereseting life", would be an understatement, lee. i love this photo of the joey clasping the bottle, and the kind man feeding it.

  2. Interesting to see such an unfamiliar landscape.

    You really do live in Australia, don't you...

  3. Poor little things. I do feel for the animals. I find it difficult to watch documentaries on animals without tears forming!

    So terribly dry there from the photo, Lee. It's raining here today and it started with storms yesterday afternoon and throughout the night...perhaps the rain will drift further southwards. New South Wales have been getting good falls in certain areas.

  4. they say that every 4 days a farmer commits suicide... it's heartbreaking to see the brown brown land (having just driven down to Vic a few weeks ago)... meanwhile sydney had flash floods yesterday!!!
    Great photographs, lee.

  5. Sunburnt country and a sunburnt man. Both intertwined.
    great image Lee. Brought a smile to my face this evening.

  6. what a bleak countryside......

    We are having rain here right now, for us this has been a very wet winter. No lack of rain here in the south.

    How cute? Poor little thing, well at least he has a home. The get pretty big don't they?

  7. Auuww..the joey is so adorable. So kind of your friend to 'adopt' him. Will he be released to the wild after this?

  8. Snowsparkle: Yes, an interesting life. By choice.

    Paul: Melbourne, Australia.

    Lee: Send some down!

    Gracie: Yes, suicide is a serious issue amongst Australian farmers at present.

    HHB: Thank you.

    Nea: Yes, they get pretty big. Wont be on his lap for much longer.

    Hliza: Yes, he/she will be released when able. They have a larger one that heads off into the countryside during the day but comes back to 'roost' (kangaroost?) at night.

  9. It's truly sad what our farmers have to go through at the moment, we can only hope and pray some rain will come and soon. WA is having a few cool cloudy days at the moment but not to much rain yet, fingers crossed.


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