Sunday, 20 February 2011

I knew she'd say that.


I have found myself on a fortune-teller-cum-astrologer-cum-scammer's email list.

That's what happens when you poke fun at these people.

Every so often I get a 'I have been thinking about you and I have some good news for you' email that has the following as it's last line:

If for whatever reason you no longer wish to receive any emails from me
please click here to remove your email address.

You would think she wouldn't need to ask, wouldn't you?


  1. I'll click at those lines on the spot!

  2. uh-oh

    you DO realize that that means somebody read the e-mail, right?


    (welcome back or, laptopping it on the hoof, as it were?)

  3. I'm with Boneman.

    I use Gmail to filter my inbound and rather than clicking unsuscribe I always list these as spam in Gmail, which results in no more e-mails from them - without giving them the satisfaction of knowing my address is real and pasing it on.

  4. Hey Guys, fair bite of the pineapple doughnut!

    I didn't say that I clicked on the link - I was just amused that it was there at all.

  5. Telling the future isn't tough. For example, I know the stock market is going to go up then go down and then go up again; I just don't have the exact dates. Don't be picky!

  6. given herself away completely, hasn't she!

  7. She knew you'd know she knew you'd know.

  8. hey...we learned our defensives from the STAR, JCosmo, whose book, Dancing With Thieves was a hoot to read from ten PM till 4:30 AM

    Still a favorite!

  9. hahahaha...yes, her credentials are now in question. But maybe she knows something you don't, and you really secretly do want to keep getting her emails, but you just don't realise it yourself yet. Oooohh.. :)


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