Sunday, 13 February 2011

That was the weekend that was...


Seemed to get a lot done this weekend:

We have a hard rubbish collection tomorrow so trimmed trees, some savagely, and general chuck out of useless stuff. I know it was useless as every the people who trawl the streets looking for stuff to take took nothing.

In the process we found some long forgotten wines from a time a few years back when I went on a wine making kick. The Elderberry Wine was unremarkable, the Damson Plum Port disgusting and the Date Sherry absolutely scrumptious! If you have ever had Spanish Pedro Ximinez sherry, it was very much like that.

Coincidentally, Mr Newbery wrote about wine labels this weekend but mine gave nothing away.

That set the scene for our regular Saturday night candle-lit dinner (even in Summer we have candles) - Fresh pineapple with a yoghurt/coconut/garlic sauce (more of a paste), individual Moussakas with salad; Rice pudding with Medjool dates and Date Sherry.

During the week we noticed that the second bathroom's toilet was slow draining. It got worse and, on Saturday morning, we noticed a flood when Simon had a shower. P00. (In all senses of the word.) Weekend plumbers are pricey but it had to happen. The plumber came and the good news was that the blockage wasn't on our property but on the length of piping belonging to the water company, so they pay for the plumber. Woohoo!

I have had a project on my to-do list for a while to make a Tiffany lamp to replace a Bank Lamp that has a crack in the glass. On Saturday the two things coalesced into a single project to replace the shade on the bank lamp with a Tiffany style shade. Watch this space.


  1. You have been busy.

    Your Saturday night dinner menu sounds delicious and so romantic to dine by candle light, soft lighting does create a special ambience.

    Looking forward to seeing your Tiffany style shade.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. found the BIG blue windows...
    Not Saint Stephan's...

    Got as far back as Melbourne (maybe Perth) and think my mistake was come by honest.
    You had the memorial window of conscience and...dang. I forgot the other cathedral.
    I have to go back in...
    Beautiful blue windows, ceilings that go clean up to the ceiling...
    (yes, well...)

  3. You made a date sherry that tasted like a Pedro Ximinez? Now that is very impressive indeed, Lee! Glad the plumber didn't turn into a money put! :)

  4. you are so productive!! can't wait to see the lamp.


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