Thursday, 10 February 2011

You said what?

Driving to work this morning I was following a truck that had the above slogan painted on its back.

Somehow it doesn't sit right.

A lot of meat has Salmonella on it, chicken especially, but the meat doesn't know or care. Doesn't seem to harm the meat itself. It is also found in lots of other places, other than meat. Salmonella is very easily killed by cooking.

I assume that they mean that television poisons the brain, but it could mean that it gives it diarrhoea. Why do politicians and journalists spring to mind when I think of mental diarrhoea?

What would have been a better analogy?

Television is to the brain as...

...Novocaine is to a toothache? (tries hard, can do better.)
...tomato ketchup is to any food? (OK, but dull).
...headlights are to a rabbit?




  1. tooth decay is to a tooth?

  2. television is to he brain like dangling the carrot in front of a donkey.

    no...not quite it...

    Television is to the brain
    What Crack is to whores...
    what? Too crude?
    OK, you're right...
    lemme try again...

    Television is to the brain
    What hooks are to worms?

    well...doesn't make much sense, but then, it IS teevee, after all.

    One more try, then...
    Television is to the Brain as
    Sitting in the middle of a highway to see what traffic might be?

    I'm not really getting this, am I?

    I'll go think on it a bit..


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