Monday, 7 February 2011

And they want me to pay for web access!

You will have picked up on my absolute dismay at the moronic articles written in the media nowadays.

The above picture came with the heading:

"Teen's 'Solar Death Ray' can melt concrete".

This is just a bigger version of small boys tormenting ants with a magnifying glass.

Yes, if you use 5800 small mirrors to focus the sun, you will get a pretty hot spot at the focal point. But not a ray, as we know it Toto.

Here is a bigger version, build in France in 1970:

And here's a cute little cooker that you can take on your next camp:

It they expect me to pay for news on line, they will have to research things a little better than just calling a parabolic mirror a 'death-ray'.


  1. Mad scientist: "I will destroy you with my Death Ray! Just hold still for a half hour, wait, stop! Come backkkkk!"

    Yep, that is slack reporting.

  2. It's all smoke and mirrors!

  3. Love the little cooker in the back yard.

  4. many powerful jargon I don't understand there..I rather be reading my Harry Potter books then..

  5. It's like Ch 7, lately it's always "and our exclusive flood coverage" or "exclusive footage" Argghhh, do they really not notice all the other journalists around the place. And what's with this Mel and Kochie? Kochie I can still handle but Mel is the biggest fake ever. Every one here talks about her. I'd rather watch ABC OR Ch 9 or 10 if I have to.

  6. Honestly, news media these days is just so crap. My weekly gripe is the 6pm "current affairs" programmes - I didn't know that finding a new bra that stopped you spilling out from a halter-neck dress was "astonishing and ground-breaking" news.


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