Wednesday, 9 February 2011

All that glitters....

Yesterday, after I had checked for mail (the real stuff that the Postie delivers), I found a leaf stuck to my trousers. I thought nothing of it and put it into the waste paper bin.

Next morning, when I went into the study, the leaf was suspended in mid-air in the middle of the room.

Yes, that's right, it had a spider living inside it.

I put it out in the garden.

I do love the time of year when the leaf-curl spiders are about. I have a salt shaker full of glitter and I go out into the garden and decorate their webs for them.

Looks magical. All sparkly.

But it is gone the next morning. I have visions of the spiders cursing and swearing, running their fingers down each strand of their web to take off the glitter.

Can't really begrudge one setting up home in my study.


  1. The glitter won't exactly assist spider house prices!

  2. Funny. Spider 'Bling'.
    I wonder if they wear little white track suits, as well....

  3. Perhaps they have spider sized vacuums cleaners, and spend all night as janitors to the daytime party ?

  4. You are such a 'romantic' Mr.K, it would look magical especially in the moonlight ... but it might be too dazzling for the spiders with their multiple eyes. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  5. They don't appreciate the glitters..and I think they won't come back!

  6. never heard of a leaf curl spider - are they not good for the garden, then?

  7. Pauline: The are fine in the garden. I'm just being rotten!

  8. I like Kitty's comment. 'Bling' it is. I have some rather spiderish-type haunts in my backyard, perhaps I'll do some 'decorating' come springtime!


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