Sunday, 22 August 2010

Vegetable garden takes shape.


The main winter vegetables in full flight. Silverbeet, parsley, various onions, Chinese greens, turnips, cabbages, coriander, broadbeans, garlic and a few stray bits and pieces.

Apologies of those of you whose winter garden is somewhere under a few feet of snow.

Asparagus grows behind the compost bin. Red fleshed potatoes in teh old rubbish bin.

Strawberries on the post. And the last of the limes. Potatoes and snow peas in the foreground. Green manure in the back. Raspberries on the fence. Lemon grass in the silver tub. It doesn't like winter.

The cold area of the garden in winter.


  1. I'm of the mind that the snows can be overcome with proper preparation.
    We'll find out.
    Cause we sure do get the snow around here, while I'm just the one to have at the project.

  2. Rather than taking shape, shouldn't a veg garden grow.... organically?

  3. When my vegetable garden grows 'organically' it is mostly weeds.

  4. It all looks lovely and healthy and very well organised ... the layer of wood chips between the garden beds is a good idea; my lemon grass only lasted one season then died.
    Enjoy your harvest. :) xoxo ♡

  5. That's so great, ours didn't fare so well, I think planter boxes are a must, we had it in the ground and it got bugs and ants and what ever!!!

  6. You are not alone:

  7. Lee, your garden looks wonderful! Aren't we fortunate to all live in a country where things continue to grow over winter? I envy you your cold weather - we've planted garlic this year, but we're still not sure it's been cold enough for them to form cloves.

  8. Wow asparagus! Green with envy here..what green fingers you have..

  9. I'd love a winter garden like that! Mine will be buried under several feet of snow come wintertime and the best I can hope for is a few greens on the windowsill... but, I just jarred a dozen quarts of tomatoes, several pints of pepper relish and pickles, and have bags of beans and eggplant in the freezer :)


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