Friday, 27 August 2010

15 minutes, 20 second slices.


Yet another brief appearance in TV. Always gets me how an hours worth of filming ends up in a 20sec clip.

Never mind.

Did a cameo clip on the quality of minced meat available at a local supermarket after another lab had done a pretty terrible job. We were involved in the rebuttal of the dodgy report and a 'good news story' about the supermarket.

Andy Warhol (I think) said we all get 15min of fame. He never allowed for the editing suites of the TV studios who would cut it back to a 20sec sounds bite.


  1. You are famous!

    Will you sign this blank cheque for me?

  2. You are famous, you did very well in your 20second clip and capacity as an investigative food analyst, very professional. xoxo ♡

  3. Man...don't I get the chance to see that 20 seconds clip? Anybody keep it in YouTube or something?


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