Saturday, 28 August 2010

The tour continues...

The back yard is split into two unequal halves - about one third is vegetable garden (over the other side of the brick wall on the left) and the remaining has a lawn of sorts in the middle. The short brick wall on the right divides a wooden patio from the garden, giving the backyard a feeling of entering a series of rooms. There is a big Jacaranda in the middle of it.

The naked trees are Manchurian Pears (non-edible, I would have chosen differently now) that shade the back of the house in Summer.

Last autumn we put in four water tanks and have since had the wettest winter in 10 years. (More on that in another post.) But I am sure the water will come in handy over summer.

Looking back the other way you can see the Manchurian Pears are slightly angled, as is the grass rectangle. The round tree at the far end, the only tree I prune for shape, is a bay tree. If you need bay leaves, let me know.

Across the other side of the back area is the faux paddock. There is about 8feet of stuff behind the fence - including birches to block out the neighbours in Summer. You can't see it but there is a picket gate on the opening in the middle and there are bulbs and Flanders poppies growing through there. There is a nectarine in the far corner that hides the shortness of the fence when in leaf. The lemon is heavy with fruit. While it looks to be in the gateway, the birdfeeeder is in the garden bed in front of it.


  1. Four water tanks! That will set you up for the next big dry. Wettest winter in 10 years, but it's been oh so dry for so long, the rain makes a lovely change.. :)

  2. Your garden looks so lovely, I like the idea of 'rooms', this adds some mystery and anticipation and invites one to wander.
    I can't wait to see your 'Spring' tour when all of those flowers will be in bloom and your trees will be in leaf; I just love the colour and markings on the bark of birch trees.

    xoxo ♡

  3. You are, indeed, an ambitious caretaker. Quite lovely.

  4. Now I know this is what occupies most of your time..I may need your service one day..just kidding.

  5. oh, I envy that bay! I had a bay laurel hedge in California - a good 20X 20 feet (only 10 years old, grew incredibly fast). Won't grow here, and I miss it.


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