Monday, 16 August 2010

Election Night food

This Saturday is election time in Australia. I was asked in a poll today "What would need to happen to change the way you are going to vote this Saturday?" Pretty odd question so I replied "If Martians came down and took one or both of the party leaders, I would vote for the Martians".

But to more important things - Saturday night dinner. Obviously pork must be centre stage but what else should I have for the fateful meal?

Greens on the side, obviously.

Rhubarb for dessert - but Fool , Snow or Crumble? A waffle, perhaps?

Any thoughts on the right foods for an election night?

And drink? A Budgie Smuggler Beer? A Steely-Eyed Red?



  1. Lame Duck paté?
    Trouts in the Snough?
    Left and right (chicken) wings?

  2. Here in the states we have something called "Mad Housewife" wine. I think there is even a blush version.

  3. Just stick to the greens. They're good for you!

  4. You might try duck. The election results are likely to quack you up, in any event.

    "Greens" might be the colour you turn upon hearing the final results.

    And to give you a more light-hearted view, some "Cascade Light" Beer from Tassie.

  5. lots & lots of wine, oh and ice cream.

  6. I'm with rdl

    one for winning
    one for losing

  7. >800,000 informal votes. That record speaks for itself.

  8. No reflection on my dinner, I hope?

    That 800,000 figure is the combined figure for House of Reps and Senate, so the true number of informal voters is somewhat less.

  9. Good grief; >800,000?

    They held and election and nobody showed up? Well, almost.

    Condolences on your democratic process. Sounds about as dismal as ours in Canada.

    Maybe lots and lots of Cascade Light, or good wine (Murray River?).


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