Sunday, 8 August 2010

A foodie weekend.


It has been a food weekend.

A chicken and corn soup with crusty bread for Saturday lunch.

A three course candle lit dinner on Saturday - mushroom soup, Portuguese Chicken with herb rice, pear & cumquat tart (can you believe that one of the finalists in Masterchef didn't know what a cumquat was?), a stir-fry with veg from our garden tonight, a big plastic container of muesli and a Moroccan casserole for sometime during the week. Oh, and a few coffees.

And I kicked off a homebrew kit - Dark Ale. Making buloop-buloop-buloop sounds in the garden shed.

In between times I was working on the veggie garden. The Tamarillo is wishing that I had never visited the site and read up on how to prune the thing. I told it that it was all for the best.

That's it.


  1. We had a cumqaut tree in the back yard as kids, ate them by the hundreds. Esp the skin, we sucked the inside out :-* and ate the skin.

  2. You have been busy, I like the menu for your candle lit dinner, it all sounds delicious, especially the Portuguese Chicken with herb rice and now that I thnk of it, the pear and cumquat tart.
    I hope your Tamarillo isn't shivering in the cold?
    xoxo ♡

  3. You should do something about that complexion!

  4. It's warm enough to brew in a shed?

  5. all sounds good. how bout some recipes - particulary the moroccan casserole and the protuguese chicken, oh and the cumquat tart. thanks!!

  6. ah, but can it still be eaten after donning form like his?

    Like the cannibals toasting the newlyweds....

    (eeeuuu, boneman!)


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