Friday, 23 May 2008

Midnight at St Petersburg.

One of the palaces on the Neva River, photographed at midnight.

The overall sky was a dark blue velvet. No stars.


  1. Brings back memories! I visited St Petersburg, then Leningrad in about 1984, stayed at the Hotel Europa on Nevsky Prospekt. It's well worth a visit, very grand, beautiful stained glass in the restaurant.

    These pictures from your travels are wonderful. The only bad thing is my jealousy!

  2. Such a grand and nice place to visit. Your pics are unique too..

  3. Fantastic to catch up, what a feast!

  4. Still enjoying my vicarious journey. I didn't know that about the Kremlin either. I am in Venice with one blogger and in Russia with you simultaneously - ah the joys of armchair traveling! Thanks for the splendid posts!

  5. Ahhh, St. Petersburg! White Nights.

    Have always dreamed of visiting...


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