Saturday, 10 May 2008

Man meets beast(s).


  1. seeing the camels and the eagles, I now know how it is that we're not getting quicker posts.
    First off, what a slow way to get across the continent!
    Here's hoping you brought extra pillows!, I don't know any other way to say this, but just out.
    e-mail and eagle-mail are two dofferent things.
    If you put your e-mail into the wifi gods, it will eventually get to the big machine.
    If you type an e-mail into your notebook and give it to the eagle?
    He'll take it about 500 feet up and drop it off a mile or two away.
    It'll never see the southside of a post.
    Not only that, but, it's going to get very expensive!

    (seriously....get a pillow for Margeret, at least!)

  2. omigosh, my apologies for talking with my mouth full.
    We're fooling around here...yeah, what's new?....and this is a photo of what I think is a live performance of Dali's. It's actually seven women, and I couldn't resist using it for some humor....

  3. Daring there!
    Camels just make me smile...because they look like they are smiling.


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