Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Fingerrs crossed.

Blogging by email as it is wobbly when I try to upload pics. 
Hope it worked as I can't access the blog to see.


  1. nice pics, the train cools comfy. what's the birdsnest?

  2. Oh the Gobi Desert! I remember it from Geography class. The train must cost a bomb...

  3. oh yes, quite stunning. The desert, the nest, he missile silo behind you.
    The two fellows in suits and sungalsses coming up quickly behind you...oh. Now they're grabbing you ....
    and the phone.....
    Picture's gone....

  4. The life of the nomad doesn't look like what it used to be. You wonder about the concept of progress sometimes.

  5. By just looking at the photos it's like being there. I am glad you're able to share the photos with us.

  6. I love it, I'm jealous of course, but fascinated by all the pics.
    I like the idea of the saluting station staff. Ha! our local station staff seem to think travellers are a nuisance, not the reason they have a job.


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