Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pushing barrows


My issues with the good Professor Grayling seem to have created some confusion, here and on Facebook.

I do not feel the need to enter into a debate on vegetarianism, as such. It was not the point of the post.

I do feel strongly that a person in a position of influence and power should not lie, and continue to lie once he has been shown his information is blatantly false, to push a personal barrow.

On any issue.

I took issue with Dr Helen Caldicott many years ago when she was campaigning against the French nuclear testing in the Pacific. I was strongly against the tests as was Dr Caldicott but, full of passion, she talked rot. Easily disproved rot. And my campaigning was weakened by association.

I rail against any politician, usually but not always the Opposition, who abandons truth in an effort to instil fear in voters.

If you can't win your case with the truth, perhaps you don't have a case.


Back to the Professor, briefly:

He claims meat is full of bacteria. And defecating bacteria to boot. Oh, poo!

But we humans are made of meat.

And if we get a cut that permits bacteria to enter our flesh it gets red, sore and pussy.

So, is our flesh, or any animal's flesh, full of bacteria? No, it is not. Our bodies react badly to the presence of bacteria.

I am not making a case for or against meat eating.

I am making a case for the use of truth.


  1. What? A vegetarian telling porkies?

  2. Yeah. Right.

    But I don't like anyone telling lies. Granted there are times when it is wise (does my bum look big in this?) but to win an argument by lying irks.

    Or had you noticed?

  3. Why is it being that you are becoming a pussy when you are being cut? I am not understanding you. Is this being a Buddhist ceremony that you are recounting?

  4. Sorry Princess. No Buddhists here.

    Can't find a word for 'filled with pus'. Pussy's wrong. maybe 'pus-y'?

    Dunno. Doesn't matter really.

  5. "If it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck and looks like a duck... it's a duck."

    So the Professor is talking bollocks, and easily disproved bollocks to boot.

    Well, if it sounds like bollocks...


  6. Nice wheelbarrow there Lee dear, I think it may get pushed more and more... the truth will come out sooner or later. :)

    The word for pus filled is "purulent".

  7. There are plenty of infectious bacteria which will result in a red, sore pussy.


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