Wednesday, 16 March 2011

If it's not one thing...


I had seen that something was eating my quinces.

Went out tonight fully expecting to shoo away a possum.

Uh-uh. Rattus rattus was eating my quinces.



  1. Cute. Looking for a dumbo rat for the boy to have as a pet.

  2. And, also edible.
    (there's a special feature in Ratatouille about rats)

    Easily trained, or you can also get an African Datsnake, which eats rats. Of course, after the rats are gone, the snake eats lil cats and small dogs, so you may want to look into an Asian Treemonkey, which eat snakes like snacks. (NEW! From Nabisco, Snake SnaX)
    Then, the tree monkeys also eat fruits and what not, so you may need an Arctic Bullpincher Seal, one of the few creatures that eat that particular monkey.
    Now...when all the bad critters are done in, to get rid of the Bullpinchers, all you need are rats, because Bullpinchers are fearfully afraid of rats.

    Oh wait...You folk down that away already DID that trick last century or two...
    Oh well.

  3. Your Rattus rattus has good taste. I had a small Rattus fuscipes (native marsupial rat) who would visit every day and eat with the magpies and other birds, hopping in and out of the garden getting its share of the food.
    It was so cute, they are a pretty little animal; sadly it does not visit now, it has probably been eaten by a snake or carniverous bird. :(

    xoxoxo ♡


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