Thursday, 31 March 2011

Italy - Barcelona - Chicago?


Originally it was suggested that I attend a meeting in Italy.

Then it was realised that it was actually in Barcelona.

Then it was realised that it was on issues of no relevance to me.

Then it was suggested that I attend an 'operations' meeting in Chicago in the week before Easter.

Two thoughts cross my mind:

1. They seem really keen to send me somewhere. Anywhere.

2. Where will the final destination be? Swaziland? Brazil? North Korea?


  1. Are you going to declare all those nasty, hurtful things that you wrote about George when you go through Customs?

  2. They are not a very decisive lot ... let us hope that the destination is not Libya!

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Tell them you can't solve ALL the world's problems!

  4. Apparently it's a bugger to get to Barcelona from Aus - lots of plane changes. Brazil would be nice? :)

  5. as long as it isn't Outer Mongolia...

  6. Are you in some peace mission or what? Hahaha..if it's me I don't mind at long as it's not Swaziland..

  7. Pauline: Been there, done that. Great if you like salty tea.

  8. Good news/Bad news...
    Good news is they're sending you to our neck of the woods during tornado season (Look up Palm Sunday Tornadoes...)
    Why in the dickens couyld that be good news!?
    Because tornadoes rarely wander through skyscraperville. Sometimes, but not usually...
    Well, always glad about that, eh?
    Bad news...Another stunt I've seen the weather do here abouts is a snow storm in May.
    Now...wouldn't THAT be a TREAT!?
    You don't get a lot of that stuff down yonder, but I hear tell that you can make a snowball and send it freeze wrapped all the way to Australia and show it to Margaret.
    'Course, she'll probably throw it at you.
    Danged expensive sending freeze wrapped snowballs hippity hoppity all over the planet.

  9. Beware of those Fiscal Instruments conferences in Iceland.

  10. i'd surely pick barcelona or italy over chicago. but if u do make it to chicago, let me know. not that chicago is in my travel plans; but if you make it to Boston, look me up!


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