Saturday, 4 September 2010

Wet. Well, wet-ish.


You have to admire the irony of it: I put in 4 water tanks and we have the wettest winter in 10 years.

The media has made a great run on it. The drought has broken!

The state government, with an election in November, has made a great run on it and eased water restrictions. Mind you, they are being very quiet about the desalination plant they are building.

But how about a few other facts:

1. The dams are only 42% full. Better than last yet to be sure but they haven't been 100% full since 1997.

2. Best winter rains in 10 years but in the last 155 years this winter rates as only the 60th wettest.

3. And, looking at the year to date, there were 115 out of 155 years that were wetter at the end of winter.

4. Having trained people to be careful with water, what message is being sent by easing restrictions?

5. The price of water has gone up 25% a year for the last two years. Could be some hefty bills in store for people who go 'open slather' with their water.

But my tanks are full and the garden is wet. That can't be a bad thing.

Oh, and it took 11 tries to get that photo.



  1. hmmm... telling people they can loosen up seems a little premature.
    But, what do I know? Glad you're getting more rain, though. Thinking your tanks will still be appreciated.

    That's an awesome photo.

  2. I wont be wasting water, the dams aren't filled to capacity and we have no idea of how hot this coming Summer will be and how dry.
    Your water tanks won't go to waste, nothing is better for the garden than rain water.

    I love the photo, you have captured the sparkling water droplets at the precise moment, liquid frozen in time ... awesome and well worth the 11 tries.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Wettest winter in ten years! See! That proves it! There's no such thing as global warming!

    Plus the freezer in my fridge is really really cold so how could it be THAT cold if the whole earth were warming? Man is making the earth COOLER due to refridgeration!

    I'm thinking of running for Congress here...

  4. It only took 11 attempts to get that photo? I'm impressed! And you're right - let's not go back to the old days of wasting water - we now have too many people on the planet sharing this limited resource!

  5. Wowie that's a splendid water pic! I need at least 20 takes I think..Come to Malaysia..rain and water hardly avoids us..(except for one year when we suddenly faced draught in 1998!)

  6. Very interesting facts, I love it when you caught the polititians out! WA is dry, very dry and we might have water restrictions during summer.

  7. meant to say .. great photo.

  8. that photo was worth the effort, Lee.
    Now see how your politicians try to take credit for the increase in "wetness"!


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