Sunday, 12 September 2010

Spring is in the air!


Freesias - remind me of my Granny.

The wisteria is readying itself.

Will the possums get all the nectarines this year?

The ornamental grape - am I unleashing a monster?

And the first asparagus shoot - strangely phallic.


  1. Always nice to see your garden photos Lee, the freesias look so lovely and what an amazing fragrance they have ... mine have spread out into the lawn.
    Hopefully you will post some more photos when the wisteria buds have blossomed and the ornamental grape is in full leaf. :-)
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I have never grown those strange phallics, I guess they go green later, yummy with butter on! LOL

  3. Freesias at my place too. Envy you the nectarines. Possums and parrots ate most of our mandarin oranges this year.

  4. spring there, autumn here - I shall warm myself with visits to your post to read about flowers and sunshine and heat :)

  5. Spring in Sydney is masses of flowering prunus, including the one in our yard! It's so beautiful I can forgive it for never bearing fruit...

    Lovely photos, Lee! Thanks for sharing.. :)

  6. nice pic...and beautifully described

  7. i'm jealous. fall here and winter is in the air. :(


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