Thursday, 16 September 2010

Going, going...gone.


For a number of reasons, the decision was made to remove an old jacaranda.

First we had to make access:

And then, it was gone.

Next step is to replace the decking and to put in a trellis.

What to grow over it? Would love go do something edible but it may make the decking gooey.



  1. I posted this in the wrong spot. Obviously transplanting is an issue.

    In the one comment there, Dianne said:

    That looks like it was a lot of work.
    Wisteria yes, or maybe clematis?

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Why can I only see white squares instead of photos?

  3. That's sad to see such a big old tree going but I'm sure you had reason.
    Hmmmm, what to plant? Wisteria should be nice!

  4. Jacarandas in blossom - the glory of Oz. When last over to see our daughter in Perth I brought back some Jacaranda seed pods (UK customs, unlike Oz ditto is perfectly relaxed about such things.) Unfortunately the young plants will not survive the UK climate, but I have grown one beauty in a pot (which sits in the warm in the lounge all winter). Regrettably I shall never see it blossom as, apparently, they need to grow to full size to do so. Mine is a "bonsai Jacaranda". And you have just chopped one down....!

  5. Avus: I'm sure you will agree that not all decisions are easy.

    You will find that Jacarandas are from South Africa, not Australia.

    If I had known you wanted one, I would have offered. :-P

  6. Purple hardenbergia and Jasmine. Both great climbers. They work well on our trellis.

  7. i wouldn't do wisteria - very invasice. climbing hydranga?

  8. I dream of an arbor overflowing with wisteria. I planted one at my old house, and it grew like wildfire up over the front door...but for some reason, never bloomed. I'm sure there was a reason for that, but horticulturist I am not. I think it would be a beautiful choice for over your deck. That and grapes would be my first choices..clematis are very beautiful, and hardy too! Do you have a good climate for grapes there?

  9. It seems everywhere is good climate for grapes in Australia - this place seems to be one large vineyard sometimes. Tend to be fairly slow growing though. Wisteria has the advantage of not messing around.


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