Monday, 20 September 2010

Solar systems

We threw caution to the wind and put in a couple of solar systems. Above, is the solar collector for hot water. Now, it has been pretty cloudy since they went in (figures!) but the temperature water in the tank is in the 40s. (That's deg C. It's in the 70s for those of you who still use ancient units.)

Attached to the storage tank is a small gas heater that boosts the water temperature by the required amount as it enters the house.

Meanwhile, up on the roof are a dozen panels for electricity. They work (so I'm told) but cannot be connected until a 'bidirectional' meter is installed. AGL, if you are reading this, I am waiting, waiting...

Combine all that with a hybrid car (4.9 L/100km on a trip to the country and back last weekend.), a new 6 star fridge, four water tanks and a vegetable garden, we are doing pretty much as much as we can.


  1. It is a great idea and I'm sure it will all work to your requirements when AGL finally do their part in finishing the installation.
    You are certainly doing more than your share to be self sufficient and in doing so helping to save the environment and saving money.
    Good on you for being so responsible!
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. You are our hero! That's so our plans when we buy our own home!!
    May I say 'Thank you' for doing your bit. I wish more people will do so.

  3. My husband is just starting our solar panel project. I believe it's worth it in the end!


  4. Well worth the effort - if we all did as much as we could, our quality of life (now and for years to come) might improve. My son would be impressed - he's a certified solar installer.

  5. very, very cool. I drive a hybrid but am still scratching my head over a better way to heat this house. Hopefully will have a consultant here in October to give an opinion.

  6. Well done! Your carbon footprint is a lot smaller than ours, we've yet to invest in solar panels..

  7. An outstanding effort, Lee.

    I was recently awarded Brownie Points by or building inspector for having absolutely no clutter in the attic whatsoever. The only thing he found was the thick, deep thermal insulation whch was all up to current standards.

  8. proud of you. wish i was doin all that.

  9. you're the hero!
    we gotta follow you!
    I'm just darned sure
    those are all things we gotta do!
    'Lectricity is a great one, I'm still waiting for a magneto
    to slap on my wheeless bicycle
    (for electric, not to go)

  10. I'm sorry to say that the best I can do for the planet right now is recycle as we live in rented accommodation. Well done! In SA we have so much sunshine that solar heating is perfectly suited to our climate.


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