Wednesday, 3 February 2010



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From The Bureau of Communication


  1. Do I have to send a formal notice of forgiveness?

  2. very funny, and only the very best,
    Would apologize like this to the rest,
    Like Diane and you,
    and others, too,
    And this 'formal' manner is quite the jest!

    I'll bring my fattest chicken and
    a bottle of my finest wine
    and we'll celebrate your forgiveness, but, one request?
    (OK, maybe two, good friend,)
    Don't tell the chicken it's on him we dine,
    I told him we were only going to tour
    so he wore his beret to look his best.

  3. are a real sweetie~
    We all have real life in progress. No need to apologize. We touch when we can...when we can't we send good thoughts.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Quality is always worth more than quantity, sir.

  5. You are to clever!!
    Apology accepted.

  6. I am humbled to accept your apology, good sir. Well said, and no harm done!

  7. Sweet cheeks! Nice to see you I lost you.

    Boneman: you are a poetic gem, thank you.

  8. LOL - love your formal apology. All is forgiven!

  9. oh...great video avoider...
    if you liked that one, the one legged hopper (a bird) and friends is a winner in the Connell festival of digital films.

    (just how does 'digital film' work, by the way?)

  10. Lee - your new dual-fuel car doesn't need forgiving, does it? Is it on the recall list?

  11. Chairman Bill: No, I've got a Honda (Civic Hybrid).

  12. That was clever - did you create that form yourself? Constantly checking. No way you're gonna fall through the cracks.

  13. Quite amusing. Worry not, we are patient and can wait.

  14. I need one of those certificates! I've just realised I've not posted anything on my blog since August 2008! Feed me bread and water for a month!!!!!!

  15. Lee, this is a form I need to post as well, but really... no apologies are necessary.... whenever you surface here with your wonderful wit and kindness, I appreciate the moment.... in between, I dream.

    I have been very spotty on the blogging for a while myself, so I am happy to see you here. It somehow encourages me to have a little more faith in humanity and in my ability to return again more often to the creative world of blogging. cheers and big hugs, snowsparkle

  16. too funny! enjoy what-ever it is you're doing...

  17. lol you are so creative! I hope that your taking time off from blogging means you are doing bigger and better things irl! cheers!


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