Sunday, 21 February 2010

Oh, smashing shot, Curruthers!


A leisurely lunch up at the local oval watching district cricket.

Champagne, cold chicken, grapes, cakes, coffee in the shade of a tree.

No idea who was playing, it didn't matter much. We cheered both sides on with appropriate words of support: "Oh, smashing shot, Curruthers!", "Damn fine catch, Witherspoon!".

Simple pleasures.


  1. As much as I love watching football (soccer, as most of my fellow Americans call it) sometimes the violence and noise of the crowds is too much to take. What you described sounds delightful!

    Simple pleasures, indeed. *clink* Slainte!

  2. do we need to understand the rules for cricket to enjoy it? or can i just fake the enjoyment?

  3. Where are Farnsworth-Jones, Harrington and Mainwaring when one needs them??

  4. I am thinking that the cries should be phrased in the terminology of "A goodly shot, Mr Singh!"

  5. yummm! Champagne in the shade is lovely any time.

    of course, that comment comes as I look out the window at a fresh blanket of snow.

    sigh. Can't be over soon enough.


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