Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pappadams for Peace


In response to a perceived increase violent attacks on Indians in Melbourne, group in started a 'movement' called "Vindaloo against Violence" - support your local Indian restaurant on February 24th. Indirectly and directly showing support to the local Indian community.

Well, a Lamb Masala and a Beef Kashmiri later, I can report that it was a great success.

And I will drive the admin people wild with the smell of curries tomorrow at lunch time.

Simple pleasures.



  1. I am thinking that this is being nothing more than a cheaply priced method of meeting beautiful Indian waitresses. Is this not being your purposes?

  2. Curry envy: a good form of office payback :)

    Wait, now I want some curry...but its only 6:30 in the morning...arrggghh.

    Love the name 'Vindaloo Against Violence', that's a good one.

  3. I love pappadoms..and Indian food..yum..for whatever cause..if they are'll work for me.

  4. First, put a half cup of salsa in a medium or small skillet, heat it to medium heat, crack two eggs, pick out shells, drop two pieces of toast, turn up skillet to med-hi, as soom as crackling begins, put eggs in skillet, pull toast from toaster, butter, slice off a slice or two of smoky gouda cheese, put on eggs and cover with lid, dash of curry, salt, bepper, get plate from cupboard, put toast on plate, pour cup of coffee, consider the day before you, and all the positive things you will accomplish, uncover eggs, put them to the side of the toast or open face on top, and there you have six o'clock curried eggs.
    bone appetit!

  5. Now that's the kind of activism I could really get into!

  6. I really like the post title "Pappadams for Peace" and the name "Vindaloo against Violence."

  7. You're driving me crazy with the thought of them!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ummm...what's on my weekend menu?

  8. Good initiative! Increased violence must be battled on all fronts - even through the stomach!

  9. indian food is still a thrill for this southern belle married to a south indian from bangalore, but i don't like pappadams at all.

    give me bhindi masala, baigan bartha, or chicken korma. nothing's better for breakfast than a spicy masala dosa or a bowl of upma! i am making myself hungry!

  10. yumm!
    hope you & yours and Australia are safe over there!

  11. Your blog makes me happy. (actually they ALL do) I've given you an award and posted it on my blog. Do with it as you wish, but it gave me a chance to tell you how much I enjoy what you write.



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