Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day


I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day.

Yes, I know it is a commercial rip-off and rampant exploitation but we don't buy gifts, just have a nice meal. Not that we need an excuse for that.

It is also, by pure coincidence, our half-anniversary.

And the Kookaburra? There was one sitting on a power pole across from our bedroom window, laughing as we sat in bed drinking the first coffee of the day.

Laughing with us, not at us, I hope.


  1. Maybe the bird was laughing because it felt so damn good to be alive, on such a lovely day.


  2. Happy half-anniversary! And that other day, too.

  3. So THAT'S a kukaburra! I remember a silly little ditty from grade school... "laugh kukaburra, laugh kukaburra, oh how gay your life must be..." (something like that. Was a long time ago.)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your lovely lady.
    (what's a half anniversary?)

  4. When I visited Oz recently, the sound of the kookaburra was the most stirring sound I experienced...amazing, aren't they. Love 'em.

    What's a 'half anniversary'?

  5. I see nothing wrong with having some fun on St. Valentine's Day. Hell! There is enough drama and trauma going on in the world day after day...a release from it doesn't do anyone any harm. And many of us need a reminder!

    It's harmless.

  6. Half-Anniversary? I never think of that..happy that you're back and to know that you two are happy. Maybe the Kookaboora is jealous!

  7. (and if you've ever had a bird sitting on your 'lower pole' you'll be remembering that!)

    (just couldn't help myself!)

  8. Lee, I love that you say half-anniversary, not the oxymoronic 6 month anniversary I hear all the time.

  9. Was raining in Sydney and we cancelled our dinner plans.

  10. Sounds lovely. I'm with you Lee. I don't like the exploitation and gift aspect, but I see nothing wrong with sharing a nice meal and cuddle (and more) and wishing someone a Happy Valentine's Day. I love how you two enjoy it.

    Happy Half!


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