Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Opportunists Rule!


I tend not to read spam, so I may be late noticing this.

I have been getting Viagra stuff for ages (how did they know?) but is it just in this Swine Flu infected era that the purveyors of fine pharmaceuticals have added Tamiflu to their range?


  1. I take your point, but am actually somewhat amused by the existence of 'Viagra soft'. Rather an oxymoron, I'd have thought...

  2. They probably thought Carpe Diem!!

  3. They're smart.
    They're fast.
    They know their market...

  4. I'm with Lucy... the whole Viagra/Cialis Soft did me in!

    But the Tamiflu makes sense to me... who wants to make whoopie with someone with whooping cough? Not I.

    Well... I normally don't... but it's been a while... and beggers and all... you know... sigh.

  5. well, uh...maybe they're selling "I've got a headache" pills? Who knows.
    Or...it makes all the blood go to the brain, instead? You know ...
    Just that the bigger the net, the bigger the catch.
    If they just had a pill for picking the stock market, eh?

  6. last week I watched a TV documentary about men who undergo surgery for penis enlargement. I rapidly concluded that, if they could have had the size of their brains increased instead, they'd have seen the phallacy.

  7. Viagra soft! That is funny. I did not know about this. I get spam that's about penis enlargement too, and I don't even have one.

  8. Ha ha ha..never got anything like this. They know, I think.

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  10. hi Lee...

    Just dropping by to invite you to once again share your thoughts and ideas in SheWrites. See you around...



  11. yep, I get those ads too. What are they thinking?


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