Sunday, 21 June 2009


Nothing very exciting happening as far as this blog is concerned.

Found a few posts for the other blogs (they are all pretty tame this week, have a look) but what to say here?

Life is going along OK, work is fine, the garden is dormant (well, it IS the winter solstice here), Martin's birthday this week, I have a new car (Honda Civic Hybrid), met up with a lady I hadn't seen for 30 years yesterday, various bugs about the place but no piglet flu, pasta is cooking for dinner.

That's it.

Hugs to the lot of you.


  1. Good to know life is chugging along blissfully.

    Why not write about the reunion with your lady friend you haven's met for 30 years?

    There are bound to be interesting stories.

  2. hee hee..
    nice snapshot of your life in one sentence!


  3. creame filled caramels
    that's the best.
    I really like my favorite, but
    you can have all the rest.


  4. Thanks Lee dear, please to hear that you are OK and a big hug straight back at are missed. ♡

  5. Hugs back atcha. I miss you but I'm glad things are moving along nicely for you :).

    And candy. Yum.

  6. Love the picture:)
    YOu're good at slow-news days, and that's a compliment.

  7. Glad to hear that life is chugging along satisfactorily!

  8. and our summer solstice has just passed. lobbing a virtual handful of fresh green peas your way to go with that pasta...


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