Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Ambushed by the obvious...


The saxophone was invented and patented over 160 years ago.

The various sources differ on the exact date but it was patented somewhere late June, 1846.

And you know what?

I had never occurred to me that the saxophone was invented by a Mr Sax.

Obvious when you know.


  1. Lol...Yeah...sometimes we do overlook the obvious...!

  2. I think the saxophone is one of the sexiest musical instruments ever invented.

    The sound it emits, the unique shape...


  3. It was actually an Irish gent, Mr Sax O'Phone

  4. That would never had occurred to me, either. All I ever heard about the sax was that it was invented for marching bands--is it a descendant of the medieval sackbut? Dunno

  5. Aizan - Actually, it's one of the saxiest instruments. It's said that Mr. Sax was a very sexy guy - that his real name was Mr. Sex, but it was the Victorian Era so thay had to change it.

    Lee - Guess what Mr. Trumpet invented?

  6. Bet he got teased at school.

  7. Thanks for that, Lee. I did not know. I shall pass it on to my grandaughter who is learning the sax.

  8. Guess I got some old guit's legacy then.


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