Monday, 8 June 2009

Bit of a dabble...


It the Queen's birthday.

Well, no, it's not really but it is the day we commoners are given off to celebrate the event.

So, as it's raining outside I started revisiting the painting I started back in April.

Still some work to do but it's moving along.

This is was the original looked like when first blocked out:

I am continuing with the three segments separately so they will be slightly different from each other but still part of a whole.


  1. i wish i could paint! this is lovely, lee.

  2. Oh, I love this! I admire your talent.

    This triptych reminds me of the countryside in upstate NY, where I lived when I was first married. We saw some wonderful paintings of those areas, but convinced ourselves we were too broke to buy art, even reasonably priced art.

    Now we live near beautiful snow-capped mountains (Hood, Rainier, St. Helens) but I still fondly remember those rolling hills of the Catskills.

    I think I'll sign my children up for some art lessons. I'm hopeless, but they can provide me with some lovely landscapes! :)

  3. A man of mayy talents. I dabbled with watercolours a number of years ago, but never persisted. It's the story of my life really.

  4. I hate watercolours..they hate me even more; they don't even co-operate when I was trying to pretend I have some skills in front of my kids. Maybe I'll just stick to cameras..

  5. That is such a beautiful landscape Lee, I just love it, the greens of the countryside look so inviting and the sky is perfect; I wouldnt change much at all, if anything.
    It reminds me of so many verdant places I have seen in my travels around New South Wales, especially the Southern Highlands. ♡

  6. Looks fabulous!!
    Happy Painting,

  7. Heeeeey... that looks a lot like Pigsknuckle! You haven't been visiting without telling me, have you?!

  8. I wouldn't presume to say, but, then, what is it about my nature?

    'Tickle' the next with a bit of the last, and when all the way to the third, 'tickle' the first.

    Then again, dang!
    It looks great!
    Just do whatever it is you're doing, and be famous!
    (sure, it'll be three hundred years from now, but, I'll bet you'll be happy ol' boneman told you about reincarnation, eh?)

    (then again, maybe you're really daVinci...)

  9. Nice, Lee....I like it a lot...

  10. Progressing beautifully!

  11. Go, dude! This is so much more interesting than those corny old Oz jokes about importing plants and watching them die which flood my inbox uninvited.

  12. you are a man of many talents!


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