Sunday, 7 June 2009

Happy as.


Dear readers, I have neglected you so.

I am sorry. And I am happy.

My creative efforts have been directed at work of late. Not quite two months since I started and it has been fun. I feel I can make a difference, the staff appreciate me and the management support me.

And I get paid to do it.

What more can I ask?

And what am I doing? I am Laboratory Director at a laboratory in Melbourne, part of the Silliker group of laboratories. Silliker originated in the US but is now owned by the French firm, Merieux. Its principal focus is food testing.

When I can I will blog. Promise.



  1. Good on you Lee dear, pleased to hear that you are going so well and are happy with your work...we will still be here. ♡

  2. Good for you, Lee. I'll have that bacon sandwich tested now, please.

  3. well, as long as you and the pig are OK, then we're OK.

    But...and it's a small point...
    weren't you a chemist engineer and then went to school for psychology?
    Small thing, really....
    Hey. I call myself an artist, BUT if there was an insulation company nearby, I would be an insulator again.
    Pays better than the arts, eh?

  4. Congratulations on enjoying your job! I'm jealous.

    And I have a niece who wants to major in food science in college. Is this you field?

  5. If I read your message correctly, you're happy as a pig in shit. Great way to be. Long may it continue.

  6. They say if you do something that you enjoy, you don't feel like working at all! Glad you have fun! You must be one nice director to have..

  7. If you're happy, I'm happy. Really. Sniff...


  8. So you are tres content, and get paid. Well thats bloomin marvelous!

  9. Love your self-portrait!

    So glad you are enjoying yourself!

  10. Being happy is a job is one of the most important things, you are lucky you have that. I have that too, and I have had bad jobs before so I really appreciate this one!

  11. Certainly I miss your regular blogging but I'm glad you are happy with what you are doing. It's a rare thing but couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


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