Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Not a case of Black or White.


Much is made of Obama's race and, while not wanting to in anyway dim the pride of African Americans, Kenyans, Indonesians or other, I really don't care.

Looking at him give his inaugural address, I just saw a human.

A young, articulate, intelligent human.

Something that has been missing from the helm for a long time.

A man of today's world.


  1. I have to agree. It has been a long time since we had an orator of such power in the oval office.

  2. It was an amazing speech. And I don't care about his race either but I do think it's amazing to go from the rise of the Civil Rights Movement to a black President in a few very short decades. I honestly didn't believe we'd see it in my lifetime. It's not what defines him, certainly, but it is, nonetheless, a defining moment for the US.

  3. It's like you're in my head.


    Now. Get out of my Head, or I'm going to have to charge Rent.

  4. You're right, of course. I'm so proud today...after so many years of being ashamed of our leadership.

    You have to admit, though--there's that extra resonance in the African-American voice quality...

  5. WOW! Obama's done it I guess...
    One huge leap to wipe out racism....
    This sure feels good.. I have to admit.
    I wish him all the luck! :)

  6. Did he have the whole of that speech in his head? I never saw anything like a prompt (can't remember what you call the things newsreaders have), and his eyes didn't appear to drop once from the back row of the multitudes. (The chap giving the benediction at the end - can't remember his name either - appeared to have notes.)
    Remarkable on all counts.

  7. I did notice the race of the people on that stage. I noticed a lot of blacks and a lot of whites but not much of anything else. If the message is "We are one" it looked like the We is one of two shades only. Nit-picking, perhaps.

  8. I agree to some extent: we are all part of the human race. Yet - in the USA, racial segregation - i.e. racism - was actually legal until 45 years ago - that's within living memory! And that is why his colour is also an issue.

    We are a multi-cultural family and I cannot begin to describe how many people look at my kids and see only their colour and not who they are.

    I'm glad you don't, Lee... but there are many others out there who do, which is why yesterday was such a great day for me and my family.

  9. Fair point LadyFi. I look at Barack Obama and see Barack Obama. But I have had an upbringing where I was not "different", sheltered from all the 'isms'. To that end I have been lucky.

    If the election of Barack Obama heralds the watershed in all segregation, compartmentalisation and discrimination based on race, sex or belief then these are truly momentous times. I hope it is so.

  10. I believe that's why the Americans chose him in the first place..seeing him beyond colours. I was in a bookstore just now..and was told almost all books about Obama was sold out!

  11. Dude, I am Hap-Hap-Happy! It is unfortunate that race is still such a presence in US life.

    I am so glad he won (I voted for him, yes), and he really is the better man for the job. The better HUMAN.

    Did I say I'm Hap-Hap-Happy? :)

  12. That is exactly why I voted for him.

  13. I think the IQ level in the Oval Office just jumped at least forty or fifty points.

  14. what a thrill jan 20th was for us!

    i wondered more than once how W felt listening to the address - wondered if he heard the references to his own administration and the changes obama intends...wondered if the difference in obama's command of the language made him uncomfortable. many moments during the past 8 years i wished him impeached, gone. i was happy to see him board the helicopter. recently, however, i began to pity him - his living in such denial. maybe it is his tool for survival. to his credit he was generous during the transition. for that i was glad.

  15. Hi Lee! Were you at Quinn's today? Your post is what we all said at the restaurant.

  16. Absolutely right and the fact that he was elected tells you that most people were thinking the very same thing.

  17. I think its great YOU saw a human, as I assume SO many more who saw nothing more than a capable and worthy candidate. I did too.

    However, there are many others that have thought differently through the ages, and didnt see the human factor. I am thrilled that the former set of people succeeded!


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