Sunday, 18 March 2007

Thoughts of a possum...

Two Irishmen, IRA members, decided to ambush and kill the local policeman (as one does). They found a spot overlooking the road and waited for him to come cycling past on his way home. Time passed. The policeman did not appear. Darkness started to fall.

Mick turned to Paddy and said: "He's awfully late. I hope nothing has happened to him."

The big brushtail possum is a bit like that.

No sign of him for days.

Hope he's ok. Sort of.


  1. haha......mixed emotions huh......

  2. Couldn't help but laugh too!

  3. really do like him!

  4. very funny... both bits! I had a similar situation with my armadillos... I bought the lawn chemicals to kill off their food source and they disappeared... seems when we went on holiday last week they came back! I will be spreading groub control on the lawn this week!

    If your possums are gone then great... if not, its making for interesting posts... so its a win win! *wink

  5. what would we be without our enemies? i marched in the peace rally in sf sunday... it was a remarkable afternoon. i teared up marvelling at how even the people supporting the war were protected in promoting their opinions. democracy at the personal level is a beautiful and noble thing.

  6. Ah what a beautiful field! I can almost smell the green flowing from it and the....wait a minit...
    is that a possum way down there on the road?

  7. So is this a Road Runner/Wiley Coyote kind of thing you've got going on?

  8. Just like you to have me laughing.


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