Sunday, 4 March 2007

I could spit!

In the good old days (Am I showing my age? Or my attitudes?) one of the pleasures of eating watermelon was the pips. You could have pip spitting competitions or, if you were more cooth, squeeze them between your fingers to see who could shoot them the furthest.

Now, the geneticists of the supermarket have come up with pipless watermelon.

Another pleasure lost.



  1. yeah, well, the pipless kind just changed the parameters of the spit, because they're still in there.....just lil white thingies.

    On the other hand, if y'try t'spit from the first one y'showed I'm tthinking the only thing that'll come out is thread.....

    Chances are, with a lil searching on your behalf, you'll find somewhere that still carves out the "old fashioned" fruits.
    Here abouts it's called Vincennes, Indiana, and the trip down there in August is always a great adventure.
    There are watermelons that have so much sugar content you could drip some into yer tea fer sweet, there's moon and stars which, along with the cool look, slice fine, sweet chunks, complete with pips....and my own personal favorite, Gray's Watermelon, which seem to have a slight honey flavor to them.

  2. I'm glad now fruits come seedless..never had the pleasure of spitting pips before! Here the government spend miliions to invest in the agricultural experiements to make them easier to eat you know..

  3. I mostly buy watermelon with seeds...I love the seeds! And I've proven time and time again, they don't sprout in your belly!

    If you get a spare moment sometime, Lee, have a look at

    It's a blog a friend and I have set up. It's going to be interesting and a bit of fun.

  4. I don't care for the seedless watermelons...they just don't seem to taste as good, the texture is more stringy/grainy almost...and they don't even look as vibrant "watermelon pink" as the normal ones. Some things just don't need to be "fixed". :-)

  5. Maybe these killjoy geneticists will castrate themselves.

  6. sacrilege!! I don't buy them because they cost an arm and a leg, they are pink instead of red, and the have no seeds to spit........or swallow if you want to get pregnant.


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